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Socio-demographic and health factors influencing the Hospital Length of Stay for Elderly Patients resident of three geographical areas of Peloponnese-Greece
F. I. Dimopoulos, Th. Kotsilieris, G. Mavridoglou, Stefanos G. Giakoumatos, C. Gnardellis

Last modified: 2015-09-24


The length of stay (LOS) at a hospital of a patient contains important information in health statistics. A longer stay may result in resource restrictions with regard to the availability of beds at hospitals. Some of the determinants of LOS are the socio-demographic characteristics and hospital characteristics. This study try to explain the variation in LOS for elderly patients who hospitalized from 2008 to 2011 with respect to sociodemographic variables as age, gender, social security contract, living in rural or urban area, distance of place of abode from hospital, medical departments, clinical related characteristics. Computerized inpatient hospital discharge data, over a 4-year period, 2008–2011, was provided by the Administrations of Kalamata, Pyrgos, Amaliada and Sparta Hospitals. A total of 110606 hospitalizations were analyzed. The distribution of the outcome measure (LOS) was skewed and so the relationship between the independent variables and LOS was examined using parametric with log transformed LOS and non-parametric tests. Generalized linear regression models were fit to test the association between the LOS and patient demographic and clinical characteristics

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