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A Qualitative Approach to the Introduction of Professional Skills in the Greek Higher Education Accounting Courses
Sofia Asonitou

Last modified: 2015-09-24


The present study forms part of a larger research project on accounting education which included three main stakeholders, accounting teachers, business administration and accounting students and practicing accountants. The aim of the project was to investigate the views of the stakeholders regarding: a) the importance and therefore necessity for accountants to possess professional skills b) the degree to which business administration and accounting students acquire professional skills during their studies c) how to incorporate professional skills into the BAA curriculum. Additionally the project investigated the obstacles to the development of professional skills into the accounting curriculum. To achieve the above aims the author used a wide range of data collection methods, including questionnaires, interviews, documentary analysis, web-site scanning, and informal discussions with stakeholders. In the present study the author presents the analysis of the interviews that were conducted with the accounting teachers as well as part of the main results of the qualitative analysis

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