Open Conference Systems, ICQQMEAS2015

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A survey on Greek entrepreneurs’ perceptions regarding the determinants of their business innovative behavior: the case of Epirus Region
Konstantinos Z. Vasileiou, Dimitrios Tsakiris, Christos C. Frangos, Constantinos C. Frangos, Ioannis Sotiropoulos

Last modified: 2015-09-24


Innovation is generally considered as a key success factor for businesses in terms of improving and retaining their competitive advantage. In order to investigate Greek entrepreneurs’ perceptions about the determinants of their business innovative behavior a questionnaire survey was carried out in the Region of Epirus. The sample selection focused mainly on the most competitive and innovative businesses in that area. Entrepreneurs perceive that τhe lack of financing in general and particularly for new investments, as well as, the high risk of failure are the most important factors that hinder the attainment of innovative actions. They also deem that most important success factor for innovative entrepreneurship is the high level of education and skills of business human resources. Additionally, respondents stated that the successful implementation of innovative activities is playing a crucial role in their business survival in terms of obtaining and maintaining competitive advantage. Around two thirds of the respondents claimed to have achieved innovative actions during the last three years with regard to reorganizing their business operations and improving their production process. Results indicate potential policy actions that could positively impact on the successful implementation of entrepreneurship innovative activities as well as individual firm actions that may enhance their performance

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