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Impact of Economic Crisis on Greek National Health System: New disturbing evidence from a sample survey among patients in Greek Public Hospitals
Christos C. Frangos, Constantinos C. Frangos, Ioannis Sotiropoulos, Christina Litsi

Last modified: 2015-09-24


The Greek National Health System (GNSH) has been established in 1983.Its purpose was the free provision of medical and hospital treatment to the population of Greece through the establishment of Centers of Health in every part of the Greek State. We investigate through a sample survey among 1393 patients the degree of satisfaction of Greeks for their National System as well as the factors which contribute to the inefficiency of the services of the Greek National System of Health, in the context of the present economic crisis. An Exploratory Factor Analysis was carried out and it has identified the following main factors of inefficiency of GNSH: (a) Shortage of medical doctors and fully equipped medical centers in the Greek islands and remote areas .(b) Corrupt dealings of medical doctors with patients in order to have promt medical assistance. (c) Corrupt dealings between Medical administrators and pharmaceutical companies. (d) High cost of medical services and medicines provided by GNSH. (e) Inefficiency and loose functioning of the System of National Medical Emergency Services (EKAV). A Binary Logistic Regression reveals that the following factors of dissatisfaction with GNHS : Shortage of medical Doctors, Curruption in the areas of medical services and Medicines, High cost of Services and Inefficient service of (EKAV), are statistically significant at the 0,05 level of significance

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