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Bazhan Turebekova

Last modified: 2015-09-24


Kazakhstan, as a former member of the Soviet Union, is actively reforming all spheres of economic life, including agriculture. Over the last two decades of independence, attempts have been made to develop the agricultural industry of the country in line with the realities of modern world development. The paper attempts to highlight some of the results of the reform process and to analyze some of the problems of the rural economy. The paper examines the reform of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan after independence in 1991, as well as problems and issues that arise during this process. During the period of reforms the government of Kazakhstan has repeatedly been taken various measures to develop the agricultural sector. Analysis shows these measures do not always lead to expected results. The article highlights the problems of agrarian sector of the economy that need to be addressed. Domestic grocery production is weak competitive both in foreign and national market due to low level of quality products. Kazakh producers are losing much part of the food market due to lack of capacity for processing of agricultural raw materials and to its low quality as well as to weak links between farmers and processors. So, diversifying processes are inhibited due to poor technical equipment of processing plants and low investment attractiveness of the agrarian economy. Development of the rural economy of Kazakhstan devoted a lot of academic literature in Kazakhstan and CIS countries. However, in the English-language are hardly to find articles on the problems of Kazakhstan's agricultural economy. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is becoming the object of interest in many Western economists owing to its dynamic development and to the role in the development of the Central Asian region and to the desire to reach the first position on the Asian continent.The study widely used data from official statistics, policy documents and materials of the Department of Agriculture published on the website and articles on agrarian issues. The main method of the study is the analysis of a time series. The paper is organized as follows. First, it is described the background of agrarian economy of Kazakhstan. Next, the steps undertaken by Government to improve the agricultural economy considered in article. After that, article showed a place of Kazakhstan in regional trade and directions of agricultural specialization. Next, there are the problem taking place in the agrarian economy in the process of diversification analyzed and social condition of the village highlighted. In the end, the opportunities of the village level of Kazakhstan defined

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