Open Conference Systems, ICQQMEAS2013

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Leonidas Maroudas, Faidon Theofanides, Aggeliki Giannopoulou

Last modified: 2015-09-24


Nowadays, quality is a subject of intense scientific investigation in the sector of librarianship and information services. Libraries always wanted to provide qualitative services to their users. LibQual is a customer satisfaction survey used by thousands of academic libraries worldwide and also is the model of quality measurement that we utilized in our empirical study. This study aims: (a) to identify the level of knowledge and use of services that are provided by the Greek academic libraries, (b) to evaluate these services according user perceptions and c) to utilize the three dimensions proposed by the LibQual model (information control, affect of service and library as place) to asses the overall user satisfaction when interacting with the library environment. To carry out the survey we used the quota sampling approach. Quota sampling was employed to obtain approximately proportional sized samples of respondents from the users of all (21) Greek academic libraries. The final sample is 950 library users. Empirical findings report that users know and use more traditional services than the electronic services provided by the Greek academic libraries. Findings also revealed that users evaluate high the quality of both traditional and electronic services. Library users are more satisfied with the conduct of staff and less satisfied with the library as a place and with the library collection

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