Open Conference Systems, ICQQMEAS2013

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Ioannis Perifanos, Faidon Komisopoulos

Last modified: 2015-09-24


The use of Innovation Management Techniques (IMTS) by Greek enterprises on a daily basis is limited, yet very helpful according to recent researches, and crucial for enterprises‟ competitiveness. IMTS are thought to be resource consuming at the adoption stage, and this is a restraint for small and medium size enterprises. On the other hand, information that concern enterprises are diffused by many means (internet, radio, tv etc) daily on a rate that they cannot be absorbed, evaluated and utilized for their benefit, competitiveness, profitability and innovation attitude. This causes a company‟s internal Information Gap (IG). Information Gap Activities (IGA), well established in early education systems, can be very helpful for filling this gap between different departments of a company. IMTS are well established by EU researchers and they are applicable towards the above mentioned direction. The scope of this paper is to reveal the relation between IMTS and IGA and how using IMTS as a standard operation for companies and organizations, performance optimization can be easily achieved. The pilot study presented in this paper shows that organizations that embodied IMTS in their operations managed to bridge the IG that was keeping them behind in terms of competitiveness and changed their attitude towards new challenges of the market. Furthermore, the use of IMTS has a significant role in other aspects of enterprises‟ activities (such as training new employees) leaving more time for the core business of an organization

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