Open Conference Systems, ICQQMEAS2009

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Athanassios Vozikis, E. Sambracos, D. Priftis

Last modified: 2015-09-18


Global climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges and one of the most important indicators that we are in ecological overshoot. Human activities result in greenhouse gas emissions, with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions to be the most threatening. The household component (house environment) is considered as an important factor in energy consumption, emitting in the atmosphere remarkable CO2 quantities. Aim of this paper, is to present the research results from a random sample of 477 households from the region of Attica. For our research, (contacted in the frame of the research activities of the "Environmental Economics" course in the Economics Department of University Piraeus), we used a structured questionnaire, referring to household patterns and energy consumption practices in the house (internal environment and water heating and electric appliances). Basic objective of our research was the calculation and the analysis of household energy footprint (the total consumption of electric energy and the resultant CO2 emissions). For the data input and the footprint calculation, we used the WWF Greece web-based tool and therefore we applied simple statistical analysis techniques using the SPSS software. Our research results show, that a remarkable percentage of the households in the region of Attica declare ignorance regarding the energy characteristics of their electric appliances and the majority have low ecological awareness regarding to the management of these appliances. Nevertheless, the household energy consumption in the region of Attica, it’s not remarkably differentiated from the medium Greek and European household energy consumption and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, as have been shown by other official studies. Finally, we propose simple interventions for energy saving in the house, in the context of energy footprint reduction and protection of the environment

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